Night Storm | After Effects Template

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17 October

Very good. I would also like to see another version with a bright blue-sky background with the same clouds but a little brighter :)

05 November

please please make another one like this with lightning coming down on the place holders! that'll be awesome!

11 November

Please gimme a Sun behind here from amidst the dark clouds and I will be the first one to get this.

30 November

Hi I'm a newbie that just downloaded AE CS5. Will your templates work?

02 February

Wow, this looks great! And the sound/music is also very cool. Is there a way to get that music or maybe a source to similar music?

15 July

A great video.I'm just starting out with AE and these templates are a very good inspiration to me.I want to take these and customize them a little.Would that be possible with CS4?

08 October

This cool techno-inspired video spells innovation, what with the space shuttles et al. Would do very well to excite customers of any tech-store or product.

27 October

This will be perfect for my band...Will put in some own music and short clips of us against the dark clouds' background...great :D

george stevens
24 July

dark clouds with a hint of sunlight from the corner and ghastly images with a soundtrack to match...that's what i'm gonna make of this!

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13 February