Digital Services with a Difference

In today’s world, a digital business strategy cannot be conceived independently of the business ecosystem, including alliances, partnerships, and competitors. That’s why Ruffkut Media is more than just a digital design studio. We are a team of professionals with years of experience in digital strategy, brand management, and technology acceptance. We take a unique approach to our services, offering not just polished, professional videos, but creates value for customers.
Ruffkut has created compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and social endeavors.
When we take on a client, we act as both consultant and producer, providing guidance that is backed by science and will help craft a finished product built for success.
  • 1Preparation. [Pre-Production]

    The first phase of any project is often the most important. Once the project has been initiated, all team members and stakeholders are identified the next function is to document all foreseeable goals, objectives, and scope.

    Get together and discuss the important things: you and your business. We want to hear your vision, your company’s goals and what you are looking to promote.

  • 2Our Approach. [Development]

    Next, we go and do a deep dive into your product or service, helping you identify its target market and the particulars that will make them want to buy.

  • 3Execute. [Execution or Presentation]

    Finally, we present a plan with your input to create the perfect digital strategy that addresses your objectives and increases your organization’s competitive advantage.

    We like to think of ourselves as a research-focused company that happens to do videos. After all, there’s more to the art of storytelling than just pretty pictures.