December 3, 2016

American Cancer Society


With an almost century of experience the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked ceaselessly to promote treatment of cancer and advance the efforts towards lowering the incidence of cancer in the general population of the U.S.

The non-profit organizational has more than three million volunteers and works at grass root level to improve the quality of life for those whose lives are affected by cancer. ACS has a successful and long-running campaign centered on the idea of birthdays. ACS promote the message that they are extending suffers lives and enabling them to celebrate more birthdays with family and friends than they would otherwise expect too.

ACS had identified that the African-American community was not fully benefiting from many of the services made available. These services include screening; monitoring and raising of awareness to catch cancer early and thus attempt to save more lives.

RuffKut Media were engaged to create a PSA featuring Malik Yoba and Patrick Lundy’s award winning gospel choir. The awareness campaign would be run in conjunction with the church organization Partnering for Life. The church uses its facilities and network to raise awareness about the importance of screening and also provides support services for sufferers.

RuffKut Media worked with volunteers, cancer sufferers and church members to produce a media clip that would be appealing to the wider African American Church. The production of the clip coincided with an awareness raising tour featuring a gospel concert attended by other 1,500 people.

The campaign was judged to be a success and the number of requests to ACS for screening increased by a significant number. ACS was very satisfied with the work performed by RuffKut Media and new ways to raise awareness are under exploration currently.