American Black Film Festival Awards
December 4, 2016
December 3, 2016

Dechra Veterinary Products


In phase one the product was explained by Dr. Shealy, a certified small animal surgeon. Dr Shealy provides a substantive and detailed view of the procedure. The tone of the piece is educational and designed to be of use as educational material. In phase two a demonstration of the procedure takes place. The challenge of the video was to demonstrate how this new technique, injecting fluid into joints, could be performed simply and safely with a minimum of training. Utilizing Biovision’s 1.2mm NeedleView Arthroscope camera we were able to fully document the procedure at a level of detail that provides the exact placement points at the injection sites. This was a crucial area for the video to be successful, as while injections into muscular tissue or IV are common, joint injections are unfamiliar to many practitioners.

Communicating a new procedure using technical language was the challenge to address and working with RuffKut a concept was developed to address these needs. The video will become part of a series of educational material that veterinarians can use to meet their continuing professional development needs. Furthermore, the barrier to entry faced by the company will be overcome as practitioners witness the simplicity of the procedure in action. In addition to creating the video content, RuffKut completed the post-production process including the creation of graphics and animation to link the segments and to further explain the procedure.

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